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The Master’s course is structured mainly on a  “on the job” methodology so that theory and applications are dynamic and engaging, and so lectures are fewer than practical sessions: seminars or workshops. The full-time programme consists of 1500 hours (600hrs  will be held in the classroom or as an apprenticeship and 900hrs will be dedicated to individual study and to research for the final dissertation).

The course is organized into 2 semesters.
1st semester: it will mainly consist in theoretical activities which will aim to provide for the student design skills, strictly connected to advanced technologies in order to actually face bio-climatic and environmental issues.
2nd semester: it will mainly consist in the application of the theory learnt in the 1st semester. Workshops will allow the students to elaborate experimental projects on case-study areas.  Seminars and workshops occur where important national and international architects, sector researchers and industry managers  will attend giving their input and experience. Parts of courses will be in English language in case foreign students. An interpretation service will be guaranteed.

The Master’s Course will last an academic year, total hours 1500 equivalent to 60 ECTS. Students will have to attend 80% of the total course hours (teaching activities and apprenticeship).

Middle term evaluations and final test
Intermediate tests will be held at the end of the first semester and at the end of the second one through the presentation of design projects or oral tests. The final test, to demonstrate cultural-professional interests aligned with the objectives of the Master, will consist in the elaboration and dissertation of a thesis. The work will be directed by one or more supervisors. The dissertation colloquium culminates preparation of course objectives upon the judgment of the dissertation committee. The student has to reach all the ECTS as foreseen by the Didactic plan to held the final test.

Admission Requirements
The Master is open to graduate students of Architecture, Engineering, Environmental and territory engineering, Environmental sciences, Cultural heritage, Urban and environmental planning, Sciences and technologies for the environment and the territory (equivalent to the Italian “Laurea”). The scientific board will evaluate the congruence of foreign academic titles and their equivalence for the master’s admission.

The Master is open to a maximum of 30 students.
The minimum number of participants has been established at 10 students.

The fee for participation in the Master is € 2.000,00


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